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Available Services

*I'm not currently taking on new clients at this time. Feel free to reach out or check my Referrals tab for other resources.

Individual Therapy

1-on-1 sessions with you regarding anxiety, depression, relationship challenges, sleep challenges, career counseling, burnout and discovering purpose/passions, image and self-esteem, mental health concerns, diet & eating habits, financial struggles, and more!  

Parent Coaching

Education and support for caregivers struggling to parent their child with both typical and atypical developmental struggles including sleep, potty training, eating, and difficult behaviors as well as early childhood disorders, ADHD, Autism Spectrum disorders, developmental delays, trauma and abuse.

Support for families of those with mental illness

Is your loved one struggling with addiction? Are they lying frequently or experiencing other behavioral problems? Do they struggle to keep a job? Are you finding it difficult to support them during mood swings, changes in attitude, or while they're engaging in self-harm behaviors?


Consultation services are for other mental health professionals, medical providers, educators, coaches and policy makers.

I also help new therapists begin their own private practice!

Couple's Coaching

Couple's relationship sessions to cover pre-marital preparation, relationship counseling, co-parenting strategies, dating and new relationships, couple's financial counseling and individual sessions for those needing help escaping abusive relationships (emotional, physical, financial, sexual). 

Speaking & Facilitating

I create custom content and curriculum and speak on various mental health topics for individuals and companies. I offer 1 hour, half day or full day workshops.


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