Cost of Services

I am dedicated to providing HIGH QUALITY SERVICES to clients of all  incomes and household sizes.


Individual Rate: $200/hour

Group Rate Per Person: $95/session

Couple and Family Rate: $250/hour

In-Home Visit: $250/hour


Remember, what you are paying for is not only a

1 hour therapy session but my:

Extensive education in Sociology, Psychology & Human Sciences

18+ years of behavioral and clinical experience

For every 1 hour in session= I work 1+ hours outside of session

Research on your particular case

Treatment planning for your case

Progress notes for your case

Referrals and connections to other highly specialized providers

Psychotherapy & Advanced Life Coaching


My goal is that your sessions significantly increase the quality of your life and what is more valuable to invest in than this??






I also understand that therapy and coaching gets expensive.  Therefore, if you are unable to pay for services at the full rate, I offer sliding scale rates based on your income and household size in order to better accommodate your needs.

Reduced fees from those listed above require proof of income.  

Accepted forms of proof of income include:

W-2 (within past 5 years)

Last year's Federal Tax Return

Pay stubs from the last 6 months

Employment Development Department Stubs