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Quick Guide: Escaping Narcissistic Abuse

  • 8Weeks


Are you getting the feeling that you're in a relationship with a Narcissist or a more disturbed or toxic personality than you initially thought? I have created a 16 page Quick Guide for navigating, setting boundaries in, and potentially exiting a relationship with a narcissist. This includes everything you will need to begin taking control of your life again: -Breakdown of what it feels like to be with a narcissist (versus other difficult/challenging relationships) -Answer the common question "Is it them or is it actually me? Am I going crazy? Am I the problem?" -Information on Intimate Partner Violence and how it can sneak into this dynamic -12 primary traits of narcissistic personalities -List of 48 Overt and Covert Aggressions (tactics used to control, intimidate and manipulate you) -Explanation of where the problem started so that you might better understand -External and Internal strategies for defending yourself, setting boundaries and begin healing -Suggestions for creating an Exit Plan and escaping for those directly tied to narcissist

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