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Kiss of the Porcupine: Love, Respect, & Reconnect

  • 12Weeks


Relationships are hard but worth it. This is a course for individuals and couples who want to get more out of their relationships, those who want to deepen the love, increase the mutual respect and learn how to be a badass team. We will dive into the past, assess the current, and set up for a better future with your partner-in-crime. What You'll Get: -25 pages of content and fill-in-the blank worksheets for you and your partner to complete together and individually -Education about myths and unhelpful relationship expectations -List of schemas we bring into our partnerships and how they corrode our relationships -A deeper dive into your personality traits and how they relate as well as conflict -A deep dive into world views and how they impact your dynamic -Relationship baggage, where it came from, how it is showing up now, and now to heal from it -Family history and how it plays a role in your dynamic -Re-writing your roles and creating a new dynamic with your partner -Communication styles and how they impact conflict resolution -Healing dependency and co-dependency -Developing a relationship strategy to keep your partnership strong -Intimacy and how to remain united during hard times -Love languages and keeping it fun and WONDERFUL! Yes, it can just keep getting better!

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